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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Shrink sleeve labels for Bottles

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Shrink sleeve process
Shrink sleeve used for labeling and covering your products top to bottom with 360 degrees, decorate with stylish colors, text or shades and serves as a tamper or safety seal.

The container sizes are different but using latest techniques like Shrink sleeve labels, we can heat applied any type of containers (glass, plastic and metal) which are going on your products. After shrinking, your products looking so attractive or eye-cashing look and help to get more consumers.

Many types of materials used to print like ::

PVC Shrink Film:- Cost effective and easy to control in the shrink process and that are good stuff for scuff resistance.

  Features ::

* Excellent Transparency

* High Shrinking ability at lower temperature

* Resistance to Moisture / Oil

* Used for packaging products

* Economical film

PET Shrink Film : - This material is non-toxic, easily recycled and they offers scuff resistance and high percentage of shrink.

OPS Shrink Film : - More cost effective than PET and offers the lowest vertical shrink so most consistent finish. Commonly used for squeezed during application.

Various Bottles are used Shrink sleeve labels :- 
Cleaning bottles Coffee creamer bottles Dressing bottles Energy drink bottles
Honey bottles Juice bottles Lotion bottles Milk bottles
Sauce bottles Wine bottles Industrial product bottles

Contact us today and get start your shrink projects.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Heat shrink sleeve labels

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Heat shrink sleeve labels applied to many types of container (bottle, pump, can etc.) like big, small or complex sizes or shapes. After heat shrinking on products, the products are looking attractive and help to increase sales.

Shrink labels are used for protection (tamper evident), decoration, information and promotion of products and often seen medical product, food, soft drinks, cosmetics, Pet foods, household industries. Within this method, your labels are shrinking in seconds using a heat tunnel or heat guns and easy to apply. 

Shrink sleeve labels Portfolio ::

Cosmetics Shrink labels
Cosmetics Shrink labels
Soft drink shrink labels
Soft drink shrink labels
Liquid hand wash
Liquid hand wash
Pet Food
Pet Food
Medical / Pharmaceuticals
Medical / Pharmaceuticals 
Wine Labels
Wine Labels

Shrink sleeve labels are an ideal method for packaging or promote the products and increase sales.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

What are shrink sleeves?

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With more choices available on the store, businesses need a way to differentiate their product from competitors and one way they are doing that is through shrink sleeve labels. These are a great method to decorate products that has been making a name for itself in the label industry for several. Here below you clearly understand about shrink sleeves through examples ::
Shrink sleeves
Shrink sleeve label have the ability to give very unique bottle shapes and provide an outstanding shelf appeal that increases the shelf life of the product, Through 360° sleeve decoration.

Full body shrink sleeve labels fit whole body of the container, that allow decorated 360 degrees from top to bottom.

Shrink sleeve’s Features: 

Full body shrink sleeve labels
 Its full body design allows for more creativity with graphics, color and impact

 The sleeve film is durable, abrasion resistant and waterproof

 Labels can be removed from bottles and containers allowing the bottle/container to be reused

 Decrease container expenses because a generic, cost-effective container can be used since the product is completely covered with the sleeve

 Applicable on plastic, glass and metal packaging containers

 Shrink material is damage resistant

 Include tamper evident protection a security seal to protect the safety of the products

 The design is printed on the inside of the shrink material so the artwork doesn't easily bleed,fade or smudge

If you have an old product and want to make attractive, So Shrink sleeve labels methods offer to re-brand, provide product enhancement, you can high quality decorate and update your products.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

How to apply shrink sleeve labels

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Nowadays, Shrink sleeve label method becoming a popular to provide an attractive, high quality look, on-shelf visibility, cost effective way to create brand awareness, increased sales and achieve market goals.  

Shrink sleeve labels are printed on a polyester or plastic film materials that shrinks to fit a product's shape when heat is applied which has the capacity to make decorative sleeves up to 360 degree printing which goes on your containers, No matter your containers sizes big, small or any complex size. Here below you can see how to apply shrink sleeve labels on bottles process by example.

Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels Application Process ::

  • Available in customized length, width, thickness and colors
  • Superior durability
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Allows tamper proof sealing