Thursday, 23 May 2013

What are shrink sleeves?

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With more choices available on the store, businesses need a way to differentiate their product from competitors and one way they are doing that is through shrink sleeve labels. These are a great method to decorate products that has been making a name for itself in the label industry for several. Here below you clearly understand about shrink sleeves through examples ::
Shrink sleeves
Shrink sleeve label have the ability to give very unique bottle shapes and provide an outstanding shelf appeal that increases the shelf life of the product, Through 360° sleeve decoration.

Full body shrink sleeve labels fit whole body of the container, that allow decorated 360 degrees from top to bottom.

Shrink sleeve’s Features: 

Full body shrink sleeve labels
 Its full body design allows for more creativity with graphics, color and impact

 The sleeve film is durable, abrasion resistant and waterproof

 Labels can be removed from bottles and containers allowing the bottle/container to be reused

 Decrease container expenses because a generic, cost-effective container can be used since the product is completely covered with the sleeve

 Applicable on plastic, glass and metal packaging containers

 Shrink material is damage resistant

 Include tamper evident protection a security seal to protect the safety of the products

 The design is printed on the inside of the shrink material so the artwork doesn't easily bleed,fade or smudge

If you have an old product and want to make attractive, So Shrink sleeve labels methods offer to re-brand, provide product enhancement, you can high quality decorate and update your products.


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