Thursday, 20 June 2013

Shrink sleeve labels for Bottles

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Shrink sleeve process
Shrink sleeve used for labeling and covering your products top to bottom with 360 degrees, decorate with stylish colors, text or shades and serves as a tamper or safety seal.

The container sizes are different but using latest techniques like Shrink sleeve labels, we can heat applied any type of containers (glass, plastic and metal) which are going on your products. After shrinking, your products looking so attractive or eye-cashing look and help to get more consumers.

Many types of materials used to print like ::

PVC Shrink Film:- Cost effective and easy to control in the shrink process and that are good stuff for scuff resistance.

  Features ::

* Excellent Transparency

* High Shrinking ability at lower temperature

* Resistance to Moisture / Oil

* Used for packaging products

* Economical film

PET Shrink Film : - This material is non-toxic, easily recycled and they offers scuff resistance and high percentage of shrink.

OPS Shrink Film : - More cost effective than PET and offers the lowest vertical shrink so most consistent finish. Commonly used for squeezed during application.

Various Bottles are used Shrink sleeve labels :- 
Cleaning bottles Coffee creamer bottles Dressing bottles Energy drink bottles
Honey bottles Juice bottles Lotion bottles Milk bottles
Sauce bottles Wine bottles Industrial product bottles

Contact us today and get start your shrink projects.


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